Local restaurant Kwacker approached ADVRT to help them plan and execute a social PPC campaign with the intention of collecting customer data and to increase brand awareness.

About Kwackers

Ken and Himat Bhakar created Kwackers in 2014 and it has quickly become one of Southampton’s most popular independent food vendors. Kwackers has deep roots in street food with their iconic crispy duck wraps being the backbone of their menu among burgers, dirty fries, salads and rice bowls. Their fleet of food trucks do the rounds at festivals across the country but they also have a permanent restaurant at Southampton’s West Quay food court too.

“You don’t need qualifications to create street food, just love for food and sharing” – Himat Bhakar 

What they wanted to achieve

The owners of Kwackers wanted to increase awareness of their unique food, particularly among the student population within Southampton that offers a surge of new customers ever semester. Students were a particular focus for Kwackers as they’re an audience who is naturally attracted to street food. With Kwackers being seen at festivals as well, it’s likely that the touch points with students will be more than most other audience groups. Hence why Kwackers also wanted to capture data to build an audience that could later be used for offer promotion.

Why they chose ADVRT

With ADVRT gaining a strong track record among local hospitality brands, our PPC services came highly recommended to Kwackers. ADVRT is also a Southampton-based business that thrives in boosting restaurants, bars and take-aways locally. Our aim is to provide high-quality work with strong results to support the local hospitality and events industry in particular, which resonated with Kwackers.

ADVRT’s marketing solution

Working closely with Kwackers, we designed a tailored marketing solution to target local students via PPC ads, collate data for future use, and execute an ongoing campaign to continue brand exposure. 

After agreeing on a strategy based around the offer of a free chicken Katsu for students, we worked with a local graphic designer, Ryan Stanikk, to create the artwork that matched Kwackers’ campaign objective and brand. Following this, ADVRT recommended and set up an email autoresponder solution (we use GetResponse) before creating landing pages on their website. These services enabled people to be guided through the process while collating data.

Finally, we deployed a social PPC advert campaign that targeted local students. This method was chosen after analysing the behaviour of Kwackers’ ideal audience. It was actioned across multiple platforms and linked to a custom-branded and developed landing page.

With data capture set up across every aspect of the campaign, we were able to provide accurate and regular reports to Kwackers the whole time.

The campaign results

The combination of a strong offer, PPC ads, as well as a well-optimised funnel, made this an incredibly effective and cost-efficient campaign. 

With only £100 of PPC ad spend, the campaign reached 12,534 local students and resulted in 224 marketing opt-in email addresses that could later be used for marketing campaigns for supporting and similar offers.

Not only did ADVRT execute a successful targeted PPC campaign on a low budget, but we also set up strong foundations for a reliable ongoing marketing strategy.

How Our Social Ppc Campaign Built A Customer List For Kwackers - Advrt - Creative Advertising Agency

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