Unaro (Ooo – nah – roe) is an all-in-one marketing service that turns your free customer wifi into a valuable data collection tool without lifting a finger.


By simply plugging Unaro’s external device into your wifi router, you will create a strong and secure network for your customers to safely log on to and enjoy. 


Meanwhile, your business will benefit from collecting invaluable customer data, with the added ability to contact your customers directly in the future. 


This means the relationship doesn’t have to end when they walk out the door! 


The ability to contact your customers directly gives you the opportunity to grow your mailing list, social media following and online reviews automatically from one place.


What is Unaro?

Unaro is an innovative company based in Southampton who combined their experience in marketing and technology to create a friendly, comprehensive and affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses. 


Unaro is a service that’s super easy to set up and secure to use for both customers and businesses. The simplicity, flexibility and affordability makes it an accessible marketing tool for every industry.


How does Unaro work?

  1. When a customer comes into your shop, restaurant, bar or hotel, they will have access to your free guest wifi. 
  2. After connecting, they will be greeted with a company branded landing page where they will be asked to sign in with their details, along with accepting permission to be contacted in the future.
  3. Here’s the cool part! Your customers enjoy fast, free and secure wifi at your premises to browse the online menu, place orders, and share their experience on social media.

    Meanwhile, you as a business owner, have access to a secure dashboard that presents customer analytics to help you understand your audience and re-market to them in a relevant way. 

It’s a win-win!

Unaro’s Checklist:



Customer has free access to wifi

User-friendly for businesses and customers

Collates customer contact information

Saves customer analytics

Flexible for any industry

Professional and branded login pages for customers

Live customer insights from an easy-to-use dashboard

First month free

Free set up

Cancel anytime


Why should my business offer free guest wifi to customers?

Did you know: 60% of people say free wifi is their number one hotel perk, and 43% of customers would rather choose a restaurant with free wifi.


With everyone on their phones these days, guest wifi can be an incredibly attractive perk to customers visiting your hospitality or entertainment business. 


Free internet is a benefit to your customers, which can very well be a deciding factor in going to certain hotels or establishments over competitors. It can entice new customers in, but it can also increase customer retention as it enables businesses to specifically market to previous visitors.


What are the benefits of collecting customer data from my business’s free wifi?

Secure and GDPR-compliant, Unaro saves the contact information your customers provide you with when signing into your free wifi. These details allow you to contact customers directly who already know and love your brand with targeted messaging and marketing campaigns. 


These marketing campaigns could be anything from promotions and events, to awareness of your business’s social media platforms, to encouraging reviews from returning customers, to rewarding customer loyalty. 


Unaro is fully compliant and instils confidence in customers that their data is safe and secure. Users can opt out at any time to ensure you’re only contacting those who would like to hear from you.


Outside of collating contact information Unaro also captures customer analytics such as demographics, dwell time and return frequency to paint a picture of your most valued customers. This is invaluable information that can influence your marketing strategy month-by-month, year-by-year to ensure that the messaging is tailored to your ideal audience. 


Sound like an easy solution to understanding and communicating with your customer base? Learn more about how Unaro can help your business here.

Do you want to learn more about Unaro?

We’ve partnered up with Unaro to help venues and offline brands make the most of their customer data.

By building these customer lists you are building a marketing asset that you can use for years to come.

Jodie Beach