Sometimes every brand needs a little refresh on their social media platforms. When you notice your engagement rate decreasing, it can feel like a dead-end. But we’ve got some quick-fire ways to help you get out of the low-engagement rut!


1. Time is of the essence.

Publishing on social media when your audience is online is an important way to get your new content in front of them at the most valuable time. Scheduling programs such as Hootsuite, Loomly or Later can help to not only suggest when to post, but to schedule your posts in advance so that they automatically publish at your most busiest time. More eyes = more engagement. Posting manually can quickly lead to mistakes – or forgetting to post at all. So having that sorted in advance will mean you can focus on other things during the day (or night).


2. Content is key.

Ensuring your social media content is of interest may seem like an obvious one, but these goalposts of what works best shift constantly. You need to take into account what your audience enjoys, what topics are trending and what features are new or popular at the time. For example, video/Reels are becoming more popular than photos on Instagram. Creating fresh, high-quality, interesting content that’s on brand and on trend is hard, so finding some inspiration online may help. Alternatively, outsourcing content creation may prove successful.


3. Talk the talk.

Talking about the right things in the right tone will help to keep your social media audience captivated. This could mean that you choose different topics, or vary the length of your caption depending on what platform you’re posting to. How you speak to your audience will depend on their average age and their interests, so make sure you have a clear profile of your customer base before you begin typing. Taking on board your viewers’ feedback for future videos or posts is another great way to keep your content interesting to your audience.


4. #Hashtags.

Hashtags are an important social media tool that gets your content in front of fresh eyes. It also helps the platform’s algorithm to determine what your post is about and who would enjoy it. Getting your content in front of the right audience is important to increase engagement, so list those relevant hashtags at the bottom of your Instagram post or in the first comment to gain traction outside of your following.


5. Interaction gives you traction.

Spending a little extra time on your social media platforms to react to people’s engagement will attract even more engagement. You’ll want to repost stories you were tagged in, reply to comments and direct messages, and invite people who have engaged with your post to follow your page on Facebook. All of these interactions show that your brand is authentic and your content is popular – to the algorithm as well as potential customers – so it’s worth investing your time here.

Social media is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be ignored. If done right, it can quickly become an opportunity for free advertising as it gets your brand in front of new people, and can even instill confidence in those looking to make their first purchase from you.


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