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Google ads can be an incredibly targeted source of buyer-intent traffic that you can leverage for your product or offer. ADVRT is a Google Partner, and we've got the tools and team that you need to get you seen and heard above the noise and help you get found online.

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Should I use Google Ads for my Southampton-based Business?

Every paid advertising platform has its place in the marketing process. Facebook and social ads are generally considered great for awareness and impulse-purchases, but where do you go when you're actually looking to buy or research something? Obviously, it's Google!

However, getting to the top of the page one in this day and age is a lengthy and expensive process. Fortunately, there's a way you can be seen at the top of the page very quickly. This is where Google Ads come in.

Target your ideal customer

Google has engineered it's advertising platform to be one of the most sophisticated and targeted available. Your customer is already looking for you, but are you showing up?

Fully Scalable

Once you've found your audiences and ad combinations that deliver the results you want, Google Ads are incredibly scalable, allowing you to reach your target demographic in all corners of the internet.


Every aspect of the advertising process is measurable, meaning google ads can be optimised easily and return the best results for your advertising budget.

Buyer-intent traffic

Whereas Facebook and social ad traffic isn't necessarily buyer-intent, people will always go to Google to research or find the best solution to their needs. This means you get a much higher quality of web traffic that are more inclined to make a purchase with you.

Benefits you can expect from ADVRT managing your Google Ads

We can audit your existing campaigns and advise on the work that has already been done by yourself or others. There are countless benefits to deploying an optimised Google Ads campaign within your business, but here are a few that you can expect:

A steady stream of buyer-intent web traffic

Increase traffic to your website with people that have already expressed an interest in your product, service or industry that are more likely to reach out to you.

Increased brand authority

If you're showing up at the top of Google, above your competitors, you will be instantly demonstrating authority in your niche. This builds trust, and helps you to attract your ideal buyer.

More targeted ads - lower cost

By having ADVRT set up and manage your Google ads campaigns, you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your advertising pound, and as such your cost per customer acquisition will be lower.

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