Influencer Marketing Management Service.

Finding influencers within your niche, developing a campaign and ensuring correct delivery. We’ve got this.

How do we do it?

Well, it’s easy really.

Much like all of our other services, it all starts with your free 25-minute kick-off call. This allows us to understand your campaign goals, but also to learn a little bit about your company, your industry and any previous marketing campaigns we may be able to learn from.

Once this is done, we start compiling a database of influencers in your niche that are prepared to work with your brand. We do all of this leg work, so you don’t have to.

Next, we work with our team of campaign specialists to create an influencer campaign that works with your particular brand. Once this is complete, we create a proposal and send it to the influencer, detailing exactly what is required, what is expected and a time frame by which all of the work should be delivered.

When everyone is happy, we engage the influencer in a contract and schedule the delivery of the content across the respective social media channels.

Following a successful campaign, we carefully investigate and measure the engagement and reach of the campaign, including clicks through a campaign-specific link that we would have set up for you, and any sales leads that may have arisen. Following this, we adjust, optimise and, if necessary, redeploy the campaign to further reap rewards.

As with all of our services, we act on your campaign goals, and keep you in the loop the entire time. Following a successful campaign we always provide a complete published report detailing exactly what we have done, and the results that we have gained.

It’s all glass doors here, and you’ll be in the loop the whole time.

Let’s get this going.

Are you ready to get started? We are!

Hopefully, we’ve been able to explain the massive potential that this service can potentially have on your business. We can’t wait to get started. To schedule your free kick off call, get in touch using the link below.

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