Recruitment can be a tricky industry with so much competition. What will set you apart from the rest is the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign.

With 67% of recruitment agencies not having a dedicated person focussed on their marketing, this article may be just the starting point your agency needs to get the wheels in motion.

Begin with a brainstorming session to solidify your obstacles, your goals, and how you are going to achieve them. From there you will be able to outline a marketing strategy, delegate tasks and work towards an end date.

In order to attract more clients and enquiries, your website needs to be optimised for lead generation. There are a few things that need to be done to achieve this.

1. Firstly, your recruitment website needs to be clean and easy to navigate.

The quickest way to lose customers is by having a crowded, clunky, squiffy or generally difficult-to-use website. Keep your recruitment website an accurate reflection of your business’s values by keeping it professional and clear.


2. Secondly, your copy needs to be SEO-friendly.

This involves understanding what keywords and search terms potential clients would use to find you as a recruitment agency.

SEO is a huge topic, and extends far beyond the scope of this post, however if you’re interested in finding out more about deploying an SEO strategy in your recruitment business, we can help.


3. Thirdly, your landing pages need to be up to scratch.

This is where clients will land once they’ve clicked through from your PPC (Google Ads/social media ads) advertising. The flow of the landing page needs to funnel them to a call to action (ie. get in touch with us here!). 

The page should include all the information they could want from their original search term, without them swimming in words. Therefore, utilising summaries and infographics could be a great addition to your recruitment agency’s homepage to make it as easily digested. 

The information needs to be easy to understand and entertaining/interesting to compel the visitor to indulge your call to action.

The design of your landing page is as important as the information in it. It should be tidy and flow from intro to conclusion effortlessly. 


4. Setting up your PPC ads is the next step now that your landing page is perfect.

Allocating a budget and duration to recruitment campaigns, ensuring the keywords match your landing page’s content, and honing in on defining your ideal audience are all important.

Top tip: Take full advantage of negative keywords on Google Ads! This tells Google what search terms not to show your ad for, which is just as important as what Google should show them for.


5. Now you have all the components to get your campaign started!

But the work doesn’t stop there. Keeping tabs on your recruitment ad campaign is essential. The longer the campaign runs for the more data you’ll collect, painting a more vivid picture of your audience and the effectiveness of your campaign every day. As a result, you need to be on your toes to keep up with your learnings. 

If you don’t continue to edit your campaign, then you may well be wasting your budget. 

Finally, at the end of your first campaign period, you will need to collate your data and analyse your results. Building a report will give you insight into what you can change for next time, and set the bar for your next campaign. Thankfully a lot of the groundwork will have been done for your future campaigns, and continuing to analyse their ROI is your main job. 

At ADVRT, we take care of the data collation and reports for you, with all valuable metrics available to you on a one-stop custom dashboard.

If you’re having trouble with your lead generation campaign, or if you have any questions about how to begin, get in touch for a free discovery call. Our expertise is in lead generation specifically, and are able to help your recruitment agency reach your potential clients.

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