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No matter your business’s industry or stage of growth, lead generation can be difficult to remain consistently successful with a decent ROI. If you’re looking for some ways to keep your lead generation campaign profitable, here are five ways to get on the right track:



65% of People Click on Ads When Making Purchases
[Source: The Social Shepherd]

Funnelling the right audience to your website is essential. Therefore, high performing PPC ads (such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads) are essential. If they’re set up and optimised correctly, they’ll appear at the right time for the right potential customers, and take them straight to a designated landing page. This task within itself may require a pair of extra hands or specialist expertise, but you’ll notice the difference!


Landing page

Almost 60% of B2B businesses said that SEO has the most impact on their lead generation efforts.
[Source: Marketing Charts]

In order for people to find your landing page in the first place means your website must be SEO friendly. Your landing page should include information that answers the queries customers are specifically using in their Google Search to find you in the first place.


Make your pages engaging by ensuring your content is amazing! Strong, SEO-friendly copywriting is the foundation to any landing page. The more interesting and engaging the copy is, the longer your customer will linger, and the more likely they will share it with others.


Make it easy to find out more

Addressing buyer fears on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
[Source: Hubspot]

Your landing page should prompt customers to sign up for newsletters or to inquire. Whatever your call to action is, it needs to be clear, easy and frequently available on the landing page. Making it easy for your customers to move to the next level of your funnel is the essential function of a landing page.


Maintain your PPC

Over 40% of marketers believe the biggest barrier to lead generation is lack of resources, budget and staffing
[Source: B2B Technology Marketing]

It’s not just a case of setting up your PPC campaign and letting it run. You’ll burn through your budget with limited results this way. Instead, it needs to be maintained with relevant keywords and negative keywords, and optimised for the best audience.


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