8 Reasons Why You Need a Google My Business Listing for your Southampton Business


We take a look at what a Google My Business listing is, and some of the ways that it can help build your local online presence


It may come as no surprise that Google is the leading search engine in the world, with an estimated 63,000 search queries per second and on average 5 billion searches every single day! For this reason alone, listing on Google is not only a wise idea but a necessity for any type of business in the world. Google then recognised the need for more in-depth and streamlined business information to be presented to users, and thus created the Google My Business format.


Google My Business is a free service which allows businesses around the globe to create a profile that is presented to customers when they search online for your services or products. It also enables you to provide detailed information on your business such as contact details, directions, the ability to share information, link to your business website, opening hours and a rating system for customer reviews.

You can also choose to show some of your business images alongside your profile. Your business profile is completely customisable so you can design it to fit in with your business’s branding, plus it’s completely free to set up and can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s also easy to incentivise customers to revisit your page by completing regular updates, sharing the latest news and special offers to customers.


If you need a little more persuading as to why you should create a profile, then here are 8 powerful reasons why you need to list your Southampton business with this service.


1. Get on the Map


One of the main reasons why this is such an important format and tool for your business is that a listing will allow you to be listed on Google Maps and localised searches. This means that potential clients who are searching for either direction, opening hours, contact details or your website address will have this information presented to them and a really clear and easy to see way.

If you have multiple offices, then it is even more important for your business as customers are more quickly able to see the exact office or location that they are searching for. Another benefit of signing up is that it is able to pull information from your website to keep the Google My Business profile updated and fresh.


2. Improve SEO


A Google My Business listing will aid search engine optimisation for your services, and make it much easier for potential clients to find out the information that they looking for about your business with a simple click of a button. By signing up to this service, you are putting yourself out there more and making your business more visible to potential clients, which may result in an increase in sales.


3. More Visible on Google+


When you create a profile, you will automatically generate a Google+ Page. You can format this page to include more detailed information on your business and include high-quality images and videos of the services or products that you offer, as well as list related services which can really make you stand out from the crowd.


4. Easily Updatable


Another plus is that it’s super easy to update your Google My Business profile as your business and offerings change. When you create an account, you can go into it and quickly update things such as your contact details, your blurb which describes your business, as well as rebrand or change your business hours. Any changes that you make within your profile will reflect almost instantly on the search results. This also makes it easy to focus on reputation management if needed.


5. Be Found on Multiple Devices


It’s estimated that over 64% of all searches and now done on mobile devices, and this number is rapidly increasing. For this reason, you need to be able to present your business in a way that is easily accessible to mobile users. This service has been designed in such a way to provide your information to users that are searching for it on mobile phones and tablets as well as on desktop computers.




Google My Business is a Free way to get your Business in front of a larger audience in Google search. Ensure you’re making the most of it and optimising your profile for success!



6. Build a Fan Base


The Google My Business service provides an excellent way to quickly build brand loyalty for your business. By creating an account it allows you to start a conversation with your existing customers as well as reach potential clients.

They will instantly be able to see a review rating for your business, and then click on this rating in order to view more detailed reviews from past clients, plus they will also be able to add their own reviews on the services or products that they received from your business.


The great thing is that this service allows customers to further share the content that you display by using the + 1 buttons or their sharing option on the Google posts which are found on the listings displayed on tablets, mobile devices, and desktop devices. This easy sharing service allows your business to become more visible to web users.


7. Easily Locate Your Business


This service makes it extremely easy for customers to locate your business. When they search for your address, they can then further click on this information and download it onto their phone to instantly access driving and walking directions to your business. Another benefit is that mobile users can click call and they will be able to instantly call your business to further get directions or ask for information if required.

This instant interaction is a huge plus for businesses, and it wasn’t something that was available on the old style formatting, or if you are actually not listed on Google My Business. It means that customers are able to find you and contact you in a much easier, quicker and direct way.


8. Target Local Customers


And last but not least, is that this service allows you to really target your local community in Southampton. This service has a very strong algorithm which connects your business and services to localised potential customers who are searching for what you offer. It takes certain details such as your area dialling code and your address in order to present this information to customers that are looking for exactly what you offer in their area.


And just as an added bonus, this whole service is very easy to get sorted and start working for your business right away. ADVRT provide a completely managed Google my Business set-up service as part of their local business consultation service. This makes it incredibly easy to not only get your business listed in front of your potential customers but also to ensure that you are making the most of each section that is available to you.


Google is the number one place to search for information online, and by listing your business on here you’ll be improving your search engine optimisation, creating a conversation with new clients, making it easier for them to find you and to contact you, and be able to promote your products and services in a very quick and easy way. There really is no reason why you should be leaving out this step, it is considered to be one of the most important steps in marketing your business!


Remember, once you have set up your profile, it’s worth checking in and making sure that the information presented is regularly updated and accurate so that your potential customers have the best experience of your business before they even come to you.

Jack Purdie