Why you should use Facebook Adverts to Promote Your Southampton Bicycle Repair Shop.

Done correctly, Facebook Ads can be a fantastic way to drive my customers to your Southampton cycle repair shop. Today we look at some of the reasons why you may be missing out!


Southampton is a great cycling hub in the UK, hosting some of the major cycling events in the UK such as the Sky Ride. With the increased demand for bike repair services created by the cycling culture here, it is obvious that the ultimate goal of every bicycle repair shop is to draw as many clients as possible.

To achieve this goal, getting connected with the cycling society is a prerequisite. Fortunately, Facebook advertising provides the right course of action to connect you to the cycling community and to help you grow your business.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Social media platforms have become key strategic tools for most businesses’ digital marketing. This is because through social media you are able to create traffic to your business. If you are not using Facebook as an advertising channel, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits that come with it.

Here are a number of reasons why you should use Facebook adverts to promote your Southampton bicycle repair shop;

1. Anyone Can Do It

Ads on this platform can either be simple or sophisticated depending on your business needs. The good news is that anyone can create these ads as long as you have an account on this social media platform. Contrary to the nature of most marketing platforms, creating these ads require no advertising experience.

Its advertising tools are clear and easy to use whether you are a beginner or whether you are already a page admin. There are plenty of guides online, including this one on Hootsuite.

2. A Number of Cyclists are On this Social Media Platform

The recent statistics on the number of Facebook users globally indicate that it has over two billion active users on a monthly basis. Among these, over 1.5 billion users are active on a daily basis. This means that you are in a position to easily reach out to potential and loyal cyclists through this platform. With a ready target audience, your adverts will have a high probability of reaching a number of cyclists on this social media platform.

3. People Spend A Lot of Time Connecting with Friends

One of the reasons why you need to keep your business up and running on this online social platform in form of ads is that it is the easiest place to find potential and already existing clients at any time. Whether hanging out, looking out for new trends or connecting with new friends, your potential customers are actively available on this social media platform.

The advantage with this is that you have the chance to reach out to your clients on a daily basis at a very low cost. You can advertise your repair shop and it could reach a number of bike owners in the same area. Since a number of people spend time connecting with friends on social media, a number of them are likely to see your advert at the repair shop and they may refer their friends to your shop too.

4. Cheap and Affordable Advertising

Ads on this social platform are the cheapest and the most affordable means of advertising digitally. You are able to reach out to a large audience with a minimal amount of money. It allows you to set a budget that is tailored for your business needs with a minimum budget range of 1 Euro and 5 Euros daily.

In as much as the audience for ads on billboards, televisions, radios, posters, and other forms of advertising is large, ads on this social media platform can reach equal masses at a much lower cost. Its budget limit will enable you to run your ads as far as your budget can go.

5. You can Target Specific Cyclists

Advertising on this social platform becomes more interesting when it comes to setting up your own target audience. You are able to narrow down to cyclists within Southampton by use of the demographic filter. More filters on specifics such as gender, age, interests, purchase behaviour, marital status, and job title enable you to have a more specific audience of cyclists.

This way, you will not have to worry whether your content was delivered to the desired groups or individuals as per your business needs. More precisely, it is easy to have a higher percentage of the target audience to grow into potential and loyal customers.

6. Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click on this social platform is where marketers pay for every single ad that has been clicked. These ads are in the form of images, videos, or links. Facebook PPC has become one of the most common digital advertising tools due to its effectiveness. The benefit of these PPC is that you can assess how many people get to interact with your content enabling you to have highly-targeted adverts.

This way, you can have more customised ads for your known audience. With this advertising tool, you can channel your ads to your Instagram page; which is also owned by Facebook. Your potential customers on both social media platforms will have a chance to view your ads and also interact with your bike repair shop.

7. These Ads are Proven to Work for Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Recent surveys have established that most marketers consider ads from this social media platform to be among the best ROI for your business. Although this may vary depending on the industry and the type of your business, it is proven that your ads will effectively be engaged with by your audience.

Compared to other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, these ads are rated as having the best-paid campaigns. This could be due to the fact that it has more active users compared to any other social media platforms and the fact that you can choose your own target audience, makes it even easier to achieve an ROI for your ads.

8. These Ads are Measurable

With the various metrics and other measuring tools available on this social media platform, you can now measure the effectiveness of your ads in terms of how far your clients have interacted with them. Such metrics include page likes, comments, shares, data on impressions and click-through ratings.

More measurements are provided via their ad measurement solutions to ensure that you get the best results for your ads. The good thing with these metrics is that they are all in real-time. This implies that you can evaluate, customise, or change your ads into better and effective ones based on your analysis. With such flexibility, you can nurture leads (potential customers) and improve your brand awareness.

9. Facebook Call-To-Action (CTA) Button

Generating business leads has been made much easier by the newest feature; the CTA button. The CTA button allows you to interact with your client in a much better way. This is because the button prompts your audience to take action after viewing and clicking on your ads.

Facebook recently introduced seven call-to-actions namely; Book Now, Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Play Game, Use App, and Watch Video. With these CTAs, businesses can now determine the specific ways in which they would want to interact with their clients. You can edit the CTA and design it in the form of links or cover photo depending on how you would want visitors to take action.

10. These Ads are Incredibly Fast

Within minutes of generating your Facebook ads, there will be thousands of people already interacting with your content. This social platform has the fastest means of creating traffic towards developed content. You can effectively drive new offers, bonuses, and plans for your repair services days to major events.

With these and more benefits, it is no doubt that investing in Facebook ads will guarantee the success of your repair shop.


Jack Purdie