How We Work: Partnering with ADVRT for Your Paid Ad Campaigns


ADVRT is an independent marketing agency based in the heart of Southampton.

We work with a wide variety of clients on a huge array of tasks and campaigns, but with a particular demand for lead generation

With a nearly 70,000 increase in market associate professionals between 2010 and 2022, it can feel overwhelming to choose a marketing agency to partner with. What sets ADVRT apart is how we keep communication open every step of the way by working closely with a tried and tested six step process. It ensures we reach our client’s goals as efficiently as possible every time.

We generally suggest that clients dedicate at least three months to their campaign. It allows us the opportunity to develop a strong strategy and work through our framework to produce as much data as possible. In our experience, successful campaigns are rooted in solid research and constant analysis. 

What to expect: ADVRT’s campaign strategy breakdown

After our free discovery call, we send over a scope of work that details exactly what we will deliver, in what time frame. This ensures you know exactly what you’re getting, and when you’re getting it. 

Once you’re happy we’ll onboard you – which is a quick and easy, automated process with one button to set up payments and one button to share access with your accounts. No more emails back and forth trying to work out how to add an agency as a user!

Now the exciting part begins!

Here’s how the next three months with us could look for your PPC campaign:

Step 1: Kick Off Workshop

When you decide to come on board with ADVRT, we begin with a discovery call with the intention of meeting each other’s teams, and solidifying goals and outcomes for your marketing campaigns.


Step 2: Internal Strategy and Planning

The ADVRT team gets to work with researching competitors, landing page audits and confirming the best keywords to run with.

These first two steps are a workshop that lay strong foundations for the partnership, and for the success of the project.


Step 3: We Present Our Strategy

We’ll set up a call with you to show you our plan and a mock up of our proposed ads and creative. It’ll give you a chance to give us some feedback on what you think works well, and what direction you’d like us to continue in.


Step 4: Campaign Build and launch

Once all of the copy and creative has been signed off by you, we’ll get to work with implementing it and getting it live! 


Step 5: Measure and Adjust

Although your campaign is live, our work has only just begun. The ADVRT team will keep track of how it’s performing, where it’s getting great results and why, as well as what we should change going forward. You’ll have access to a customised dashboard so that you have access to valuable metrics as well.


Step 6: Scale

After analysing everything we’ve learned in the campaign so far, we will implement and change the strategy where we see fit. We’ll put together a detailed report by the end of the campaign to illustrate our achievements and learnings. This data will forever be at your disposal and will work as a foundation for any future campaigns, resulting in even more refined campaigns as we advance.

Our goal is not only to create successful ads for you, but to sustain transparency of the process, and clear communication from beginning to end. We want you to be confident with how we’re spending your budget and how we’re using our time, and working with our six-step process will achieve this.

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