About Us

Our Core Values:

An Attitude of Winning

This is an incredibly important part of our company ethos. We approach every project with an attitude of winning. We come up with a solution based on the premise that every step that we take for your business brings us one step closer to success. This allows us to work with a continuous progression, and a ‘losing is not an option’ attitude.

We are a company that was founded upon the principles of strong goal setting, positive mindset and relentless determination. This is reflected in everything that we do.

Constantly Learn & Evolve.

Online marketing is an industry that evolves quicker than any other. New regulations, algorithms and tools are announced every day and if you’re not paying attention, it is very easy to get left behind. The second key point of our company ethos is that we strive to constantly learn and evolve. This enables us to stay one step ahead of both your competition, as well as our competition.

By constantly innovating, improving and optimising everything that we do, we are able to keep our service fresh, effective and unique.

Always Find a Solution

No matter what is thrown our way, we always find a solution to the problem. From time to time we are met with challenges that could potentially spell disaster for a project. For some agencies, this could mean the end of a campaign, a strategy, or even a client. We don’t believe this needs to be the case.

We always approach every challenge with a can-do attitude, and will not stop until we find an amicable solution. This ensures constant growth, innovative thinking and consistent progress.

Advrt is a dynamic and fast-moving social media agency based on the South Coast of England. We spend a lot of our time testing and playing with social media, and thrive on developing strategies that bring our clients results.

We offer an agency service that is centred around Social Media Marketing. We expand this service across the whole range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name but a few. In addition to this, we also offer Google My Business listing optimisation and set up for local businesses. 

By pooling on our wealth of knowledge obtained while working within internet marketing, we are able to consult, design and execute bespoke social media blueprints for our clients. These can range from a simple monthly social media management contract, through to complete set-ups, competitor analysis and optimisation.

We are perfectly positioned to take on clients of any size and welcome you to get in touch to discuss your marketing requirements with us.

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