CRIB needed to relaunch their weekly bottomless brunch product with a hard-hitting campaign.


About CRIB: A Shuffleboard, Pizza & Cocktail Bar in Southampton


CRIB is the perfect place to relax, celebrate and catch up with friends. Situated in the heart of Bedford Place, Southampton, there’s a lot to set this bar apart. It’s the place to play shuffleboard, enjoy a cocktail, or a hot slice (or three) of Big Dough Co pizza.

Shuffleboard isn’t a well-known game, but it’s actually been around for decades. Once known as ‘Shove a Penny’, players would slide coins down the length of the bar with the aim to be the player with their penny closest to the edge without toppling off.

Today, it involves a 14-foot purpose-built table and pucks instead of coins. CRIB used this as the centre of their bar’s identity; it’s the perfect social game to play with friends while nursing a pint!

Not only that, but CRIB is home to the pizza brand The Big Dough Co, that is responsible for serving the largest pizzas in the south-west. At 23” wide, there’s even a challenge for patrons to eat the entire pizza on their own within an hour. If successful, their pizza is free and their name will be displayed in the Hall of Pizza Fame.

Incorporating these unique offers into the bar has quickly earned CRIB the reputation of being a great option for a ‘different night out with mates.

Why CRIB needed support from ADVRT 

CRIB’s current bottomless brunch package needed a revamp and relaunch.

The original offer was called Thank Fizz it’s Friday, which differed very little to other promotions in the local market. With nothing to set the campaign apart, CRIB was seeing very few customers take up the offer.

This is when CRIB turned to their marketing partner, ADVRT, to come up with a relaunch campaign to reinvent the promotion.

CRIB's Marketing Aims for the Relaunch

CRIB’s aim was to increase the profitability of the bar, and to offer a social and enjoyable package that exceeded expectations of the market. The relaunched offer needed to fit in with the brand’s social identity of pizza and Shuffleboard with friends to stay authentic and attractive to the local market.

Challenges & Solutions

A challenge was that bottomless brunches in Southampton are incredibly saturated – every bar and restaurant seem to have some kind of offering. Standing out was important, and we had to make this messaging clear in the relaunch campaign.

However, CRIB is known for their huge 23-inch pizzas. No one else in the city is offering an ‘unlimited pizza’ brunch option, so this immediately gave CRIB’s brunch product a competitive advantage that would help to drive sales and set them apart.

Additionally, this campaign needed to be planned and launched quickly to coincide with upcoming awareness days, so it was incredibly time-sensitive.

But by keeping communication open between ADVRT and CRIB, everyone stayed on the same page to get the campaign live by the agreed date.

ADVRT'S Strategy

By working closely with the venue, ADVRT developed a strong bottomless brunch product that fitted the market and demographic.

We began by assessing the current bottomless option and where it’s falling flat. We went on to research local competition and how they could differ from CRIB's. Bottomless Brunch promotions are very common, and most bars offer them, so we needed to make sure that we had a way to make CRIB’s stand out.

We didn’t have to look far before concluding that the Big Dough Co’s enormous pizzas were the answer. No one else in the local area offered unlimited pizza, and since it’s such a social and well-loved food, we knew it would be a hit. From here, we planned a well-rounded relaunch campaign with a fresh message.

The messaging would be for unlimited pizza and drinks – including cocktails – for two hours. The call to action would be for guests to book online to reserve their spot.

We developed a new graphic design package for the new Bottomless Brunch product and took a different creative angle to existing social media posts, opting for a fun, feminine and lively feel. This was a step in the right direction in terms of our target audience for this campaign.

Developing fresh artwork with a new message was followed by a social media pre-launch. This involved countdowns and landing pages that were set up to collect email addresses of interested parties that would later be used as part of the launch. This meant that when we came to launch, we had already attracted an email list of people that were ready and waiting to buy. Alongside this organic strategy, we put the new artwork to use and launched a paid social media campaign for both pre launch, and a rolling awareness campaign for the brunch. We utilised split testing to confirm we were on the right track in terms of the imagery and messaging.

£9,420 In 30 Days: How We Relaunched Bottomless Brunch Promotion - Advrt - Creative Advertising Agency


As a result of our relaunch, we sold 314 bookings in 30 days, for an additional £9,420 revenue for the business. This is for a completely new product, starting from scratch, with very little existing audience.

The total ad cost to deliver these results was £406

Additional customer data was also collected from the relaunch and each booking that could be used for future events and review requests.

Our social media posts received more than 400 comments of people tagging their friends, and continue to gain viral exposure and engagement as the campaign continues.

£9,420 In 30 Days: How We Relaunched Bottomless Brunch Promotion - Advrt - Creative Advertising Agency

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