Social media moves fast!

Knowing what’s around the corner is near impossible, but social media experts from around the globe have weighed in with what they are expecting from Instagram in 2023. Read on!

1. It’s going to be rammed! 

There are nearly 32.6 million Instagram users in the UK alone as of October 2022. So being seen is going to be the struggle for 2023. But the earlier the post, the less competition. For example, if you want to get your Reel seen, post it at 4am on a Monday, and ditch the weekend. (Source: Later)  That means your content will be one of the first shown when people reach for their phone at six in the morning (procrastinating about getting out of bed for work!), rather than wasting your content when everyone is out and about and being busy on the weekend.  

2. Sneaky extras.

Add an extra story at hour 22 or 23 –  right when all your other stories are set to expire – to get a boost in engagement and views. It’s largely unexplained why this works, but we reckon it’s the nagging pink circle around your account’s profile picture that lures Instagrammers back to check out what else you’ve uploaded. (Source: Later

3. Content first.

Making content that your audience loves can be a struggle. With larger companies axing their marketing spend, this poorly economic climate is actually going to favour small businesses by leaving the door open to them nabbing the best content creators around.  (Source: Hootsuite)

On the subject of content, nostalgia is a big selling point for Instagram. Have you noticed the ability to add songs to posts? (Echoing the profile songs of MySpace.) Have you seen the new Notes feature? (Echoing MSN’s messenger status.) Well, it’s predicted that this could well influence the return of the humble photo on Instagram, echoing the early days of  Instagram.

4. Keep it fresh.

Instagram is more likely to suggest your Reels to others if it’s original, high-quality, entertaining and interesting. A couple of pointers though: don’t reuse your Reels from other sites (like TikTok) as the brand logo will be a turn-off for Insta, avoid lots of text on the screen, and avoid borders too. (Source: Later) Keeping your work original, clean, easy to read, and on-brand (ie. taking advantage of Instagram’s features in your work), then it’ll give your content a natural advantage.

5. Videos. Videos. Videos. 

Is this a contradiction to my ‘photos are making a comeback’ in tip three? Not quite. While photos may well be returning to our feeds, the war between TikTok and Instagram rages on. It’s predicted that Reels will continue to be the winning feature on Instagram despite any other changes on the platform. While this has come as a disappointment to those who only enjoy the beautiful photos of Instagram, the entertainment factor of Reels is undeniably addictive. Unfortunately, the effort required to make them lands on your shoulders – refer back to tip three for the solution. (Source: News from Wales)


Top tip:

Add an engagement-driving sticker to your first story, like a poll or quiz. Don’t hide it in the middle or the end – grab their attention straight away to keep them sifting through your content. (Source: Later) This is also a great time to define your content, to keep it unique and authentic to your personality.


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