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Outsourcing your marketing efforts may seem like a daunting decision at first. But you may not have considered how many benefits come along with choosing a third party marketing specialist.

Just like accounting or IT, marketing is a profession that has a wide range of skills involved. If marketing is not your industry, then it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to build a social media presence, keeping up with replying to customer reviews and comments, or executing a campaign. 

Therefore, when the thought of these tasks begin to fill you with dread, outsourcing them shouldn’t be considered anything but a smart business decision. Here’s why:


1. Efficiency and regularity.

How many times have you promised yourself you’d stick to that blog writing schedule and social media plan, only to watch it peter out during busy periods? Hiring a specialist to relieve your business of the large and important workload that is marketing means a plan can be put in place – and stuck to. By outsourcing tasks, your brand will be able to rely on regular content creation and scheduling, as well as efficient task implementation and community interaction without delay.


2. Trends.

Marketing is our field of expertise, so it’s our business to keep up with the new trends and techniques of the industry. This could be on LinkedIn, website design or digital advertising. Marketing is fast-moving and it can be difficult to keep up with best practice, resulting in outdated branding and un-relatable content. Outsourcing with the intention of staying current is a great reason alone, and benefits your company hugely.


3. Reporting and analysis.

What’s working? What’s not working? What does your audience love? Understanding exactly what content is a hit shifts the direction of your business’s marketing efforts in an instant. Scrapping things that don’t work saves time in the future, and narrowing down on the things that work well can be taken into account when planning your larger quarterly or annual campaigns. 


Drawing down monthly statistics and analysing it in a report takes time. Outsourcing the analysis of your marketing work means you’ll have this delivered to your inbox along with suggestions for improvements could well be a valuable task that has been overlooked in your business thus far.


4. Campaign management.

How does ‘collaborating with a marketing team to ensure campaigns are organised without having to lift a finger’ sound? Large events, multiple giveaways, Black Friday promotions, anniversary sales, Christmas bookings… Outsourcing to an experienced team to plan these out for you in advance to avoid a mad last-minute rush is surely priceless. A well-rounded campaign that’s thought out, executed, maintained and reported on at the end is just another service that marketing agencies like us offer.


5. Getting results and achieving your goals.

Perhaps your business is feeling stagnant and needing a refresh, or maybe leads have dropped and need a boost. Maybe you’re in a growth stage of your business where reaching your social media following target, ploughing through your event ticket sales, or booking out your venue for New Year’s is the next step. In any case, outsourcing to marketing professionals to support you, offer ideas and make your goal their goal means achieving company objectives becomes a whole lot more attainable.

If you’re not in a position to hire a permanent marketing manager, or if you’re swimming in ideas without the time to execute them yourself, then outsourcing your marketing could well be beneficial. Our agency offers the flexibility of having help on an ad-hoc basis, with specific tasks/events or regular monthly assistance, so the return on your investment is inevitable.

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